Deadline for Wedgefield Mobile Home Park residents to move

LAKE CITY, SC (WBTW) – Wednesday was the deadline for more than 50 Lake City families to move from Wedgefield Mobile Home Park.

In June, residents were told by the Greater Lake City Community Development Organization that they had 60 days to move. The residents asked for an extension and received an additional 30 days, and on Wednesday, that 90 days was up.

Roderick Montgomery has lived there for three years. He said he was devastated when he first heard the news and still has nowhere to go.

“It takes a lot of money and especially when you’ve got bills coming around and then you’ve got this on top of that,” said Montgomery. “It’s a lot for everyone, it’s just a headache.”

The Greater Lake City Community Development Organization said it’s building affordable housing units on the land.

“It makes you feel like the people who’s up there who can stop this, it makes you feel like they don’t care anything about us,” said Montgomery.

At Tuesday night’s Lake City Council meeting, the mayor issued a resolution that stated if a resident moves to a mobile home park within city limits then the city will waive the $100 inspection fee.

Montgomery said that was not the solution he wanted.

“That’s an insult to me because it’s only one hundred dollars, what is a hundred dollars? That’s nothing,” he said. “What I want to see is either more time or either they help us to come up with the funds to move.”

Montgomery said nobody came by Wednesday to speak to him about vacating.

“I’m staying here until the end, to see what the end’s going to be,” Montgomery said.