Tweeds & Beads: Carolina jewelry sold across the country

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) The backroom tables inside the Grey Nickel shop are full of parts and pieces destined eventually as fine jewelry.

“You make a big variety and let them pick,” Tweeds and Beads jewelry maker Savannah Tiller said.

The young woman sketches out her ideas as they develop through the creative process.

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“I look at it very hard, change it again and then finally it all comes together,” Tiller said.

When the transformation is complete it becomes a piece of unique jewelry and really art.

“I like different because it’s boring to be the same,” Tiller said about her style.

The idea for Savanna’s company “Tweeds and Beads” started from a simple idea.

“I saw a piece of jewelry I liked on Pinterest and it was too expensive,” Tiller said. “We thought we could make it.”

Working alongside her mother she has seen her work take off.

“She encourages me a lot,” Tiller said of her Mom.

Her collection now includes items for Game Day. Items like garnet and black for a Gamecock and orange and purple for a Tiger.

Of course there is also plenty of things available for everyday wear. Savannah says it’s exciting seeing people wearing something she designed.

Savannah says people from as far away as California have bought her jewelry online.

You can visit their shop on the Grand Strand inside the Grey Nickel which is at the Marketplace at Kingston Plantation.