Conway police investigate numerous reports of credit card skimmers

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – The Conway Police Department says officers are investigating numerous reports from community members who believe their credit or debit card information has been compromised by a card skimmer.

Lt. Selena Small says there has been an increase in the area of credit card skimmers being used at different business locations. While officers are investigating, they do not have exact locations where the cards may have been skimmed.

The police department is asking for the community’s help in detecting the card skimming devices. Lt. Small says skimmers are almost always at external point of sale locations such as gas pumps and ATMs.

“Conway Police Department is aware of the increased skimming, and is increasing their patrols of potential places for skimmers to be installed,” reports Lt. Small. She says officers need the public’s help in three different ways.

  • Call police if a card reader appears to have been tampered with, damaged, or flimsy
  • Call police if people are manipulating a card reader at any business or ATM
  • Monitor your credit, debit, and banking reports for any charges that you didn’t make

Lt. Small urges people to go inside and pay for gas through the store clerk to avoid having card information hacked.