City of Conway looking to create golf cart ordinance

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – The City of Conway is considering creating a golf cart ordinance. The city currently has no policies regulating golf cart usage.

Conway Police Chief Reggie Gosnell says he’s been seeing more golf carts on city roads. “Mostly to and from the beach is where we really saw that pick up, but even inland now, in Conway, we are seeing an increase in golf cart usage,” he said.

Taylor Fullwood lives near downtown Conway and said, “We actually have a lot of golf carts on our road every day. It’s all around Conway. You can see anyone riding their golf cart.” She’s also owned a golf cart for 16 years. “We ride it almost any day, anywhere, anytime. We go to the park. We ride it to the grocery store. Anywhere,” Fullwood said.

City officials are looking to establish a golf cart ordinance similar to state law, which only allows licensed drivers with proper insurance to drive golf carts. Patty Taylor says she often sees teens behind the wheel in her Conway neighborhood. “We do see a lot and sometimes just kids will be on them and it’s very dangerous because of no seat belts,” she said. Chief Gosnell added, “We see a lot of children that are operating them. It is really to make sure we don’t have an unfortunate injury with someone that should not be driving.”

If the ordinance goes into effect, golf cart owners would only be allowed to drive within four miles of their home, and only during the daytime. “For safety, I mean, you wouldn’t want a little kid riding around on a golf cart. Don’t need them riding around after dark. A lot of them don’t have lights or the lights aren’t as bright as a car light,” said Fullwood.

Conway city officials also want to make sure people aren’t fitting extra passengers on golf carts. Offenders would have to pay a $50 fine for each violation. “It’s not unusual to see a golf cart loaded with a number of articles, and then in addition, children hung all over it,” said Chief Gosnell.

City council will hold a workshop on the proposed ordinance next Thursday, October 26th. Chief Gosnell said the ordinance will likely go before council for first reading on November 6th.