Myrtle Beach mayoral candidate makes suggestion regarding city manager’s contract

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Mayoral candidate Mark McBride addressed Myrtle Beach City Council Tuesday afternoon. During public comment, McBride took to the podium to talk about city manager John Pederson’s contract.

Pederson’s contract will expire the first week of November, and council will have to decide whether or not to renew that contract.

McBride made a suggestion as to how he thinks council should move forward. “I would ask you to continue his contract negotiations, let him work under the terms he’s operating in now, until the new council is sat in January,” he said at the podium.

In other words, McBride asked council to put off a decision on Pederson’s contract renewal until the new council takes office in 2018.

He cited recent actions by Pederson as the reason he thinks members should take this approach. Last week he told News13 he thinks Pederson has targeted him unfairly.

News13 asked Pederson how it works if council doesn’t address his renewal before the contract expires.

“Until council makes the change one way or the other, then basically I continue to serve under the same conditions the existing contract stipulates,” Pederson explained.

Council did not respond to McBride’s request and did not say what action they would take on Pederson’s contract, which expires November 3.

The next council meeting will be after November 3, and it’s too soon to know if this issue will be on that meeting’s agenda.