CCU students create “Conway Critters”

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) -Sculptures from Coastal Carolina students are popping up around the City of Conway.  The animals are all creatures you can see in that area.  They are affectionately known as the “Conway Critters”.

“I think I got lucky to be down here when this project happened,” student sculpter Chris Kunk said.

From Ollie the Owl, Beauregard the Bear and Timmy Turtle standing guard on the River Walk to Sweet Pea the Rabbit, Maggie Squirrel and Augustus the Alligator further up Main Street.

Then who could forget Maise Mouse basking in the sunshine of city hall while Gaston the Grog enjoys the fountain nearby.

“Well I’d never done bronze casting before,” student sculpter Erin Ryan said.

“Our students worked so hard. Not every school gets an opportunity like this,” CCU Assistant Professor of Sculpting Alexandra Knox said.

Each of the critters bears the student’s name. It is a lasting legacy on the city where they go to school.

“It’s really exciting because I’m from here,” Ryan said. “I’m excited to walk around and have my family walk through.”


It is a process with many steps. Original sketches to molds and more molds made of clay and rubber. Wax, sand, melting, casting and cleanup. All in all about three and a half months creating the piece of art.

“I like hard work and being tired at the end of the day and that is something you will definitely get if you go into this field,” Knox said.

The “Conway Critters” are now on display around the City of Conway.  You can find out more information including some of the programs they have for kids to learn about the animals by visiting the Visitor Center on Main Street.

The city says one of the things they have planned is a coloring book featuring the critters.

Check out the photo gallery below to see more of the process behind creating the Conway Critters. Photos courtesy of CCU Facebook page.