Florence school district one spelling bee attracts over 900 spectators

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Nearly 900 people came out on Saturday for the 12th annual Florence School District One Spelling Bee at Moore Middle School.

“With the way the world is changing and how everybody is always texting and abbreviating, I think spelling has lost its place,” said school counselor Sam Fryer.

“The purpose of this spelling bee was to encourage them to appreciate words, and to go back to that old-school, old-fashioned basic learning.”

1100 students from all 14 elementary schools in the district signed up for the competition, with the addition of students from Brockington Elementary and Palmetto Youth Academy as well. Only 140 of those third and fourth grade students made it to the semifinal round on Saturday.

Fryer said this elementary spelling bee helps prepare students for state and national competitions when they go to middle school. He also said it’s important to keep students motivated to learn.

The final round of the spelling bee is Saturday, Nov. 18 at Delmae Heights Elementary at 9 a.m.