Ed Carey endorses Myrtle Beach mayoral candidate Brenda Bethune

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Former Myrtle Beach mayoral candidate Ed Carey has endorsed Brenda Bethune ahead of the runoff election for the mayoral seat.

Ed Carey was a mayoral candidate on the Nov. 7 ballot, running against four other candidates – Brenda Bethune, incumbent John Rhodes, former mayor Mark McBride, and C.D. Rozsa. Carey received the third most votes, losing to Rhodes and Bethune.

Bethune received the most votes – 39 percent – with Rhodes falling into second place with 30 percent of the votes. A runoff election is scheduled for Nov. 21 between the two candidates since neither received 50 percent plus one of the votes.

On Sunday, Carey endorsed Bethune. Carey made the announcement on his campaign Facebook page, Carey4MB.

Carey notes that although the election didn’t end with him as the new Myrtle Beach mayor, he is “very proud of the effort we expended.” Carey goes on to say that during his campaign he had the opportunity to speak with and observe the other candidates during their interactions with voters, debate moderators, and the media.

“I have decided to endorse Brenda Bethune in the runoff election next Tuesday, November 21st,” writes Carey on his Facebook page.

Carey notes that he and Bethune share a number of similarities, specifically, they are both business people “who know the importance of leadership and cooperation,” are both political newcomers with fresh ideas, and are both “tired of city hall doing everything like it’s always been done.”

In his post, Carey discussed two issues in particular that Bethune supports: addressing crime by placing a higher priority on protection and security and the “issue of single member voting districts.”

Carey concludes by saying Bethune is “the only voice for real change in this important runoff election.”