New rehab center being built at Grand Strand Medical Center

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Grand Strand Medical Center is building a new inpatient rehabilitation facility for patients recovering from extensive treatment.

The $9.5 million facility will be on the sixth floor of the hospital and will hold 24 beds. Director of Facility Operations, Ryan Geib, said this will be a place for patients who recently suffered strokes, surgeries, or some type of trauma. He also said this will give people more access to rehab services after treatment.

“It prevents them from having to be transferred out to another location,” explains Geib. “The continuity, the hand-offs, the specialists. Bringing those all in-house is definitely a benefit for the community.”

With this facility comes new employees. Geib said they are expecting to create about 50 jobs to help run the facility.

“They’re ranging from nurses and CNAs, to medical directors and PT opportunities,” says Geib. “You really get the full dynamic of the medical field being brought to the Grand Strand.”

The center is expected to be open by March 2018.