Myrtle Beach City Council gives final approval to make 21 Ave N a ‘welcoming vista’

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach City Council gave final approval towards plans to make 21 Avenue North a “welcoming vista” from Kings Highway to Ocean Boulevard.

Marriott Hotels is planning a $100 million investment to redevelop the area. The plans include demolishing two breakers resort hotel towers and replacing them with Marriot towers.

Right now, if you drive down 21 Avenue North towards the ocean there is a building used for Breaker’s Resort check-in at the end of the street. It blocks the view of the water, but under the new proposal, that building would be torn down.

Marriott wants to use the vacant space to build a public park that would have a “maritime forest” feel.

Hotel and city officials discussed working together to expand the Boardwalk down to 21 Avenue North. They would also realign a portion of the avenue so people would have more of an ocean view as they head towards the water.

The investment would net an increase of 74 rooms, a new check-in space and a seven-story parking deck. City Planner Carol Coleman said the changes would benefit both tourists and the city as a whole.

“It’ll be improved, it’ll be a nice, attractive way for people to come and go from the beach,” Coleman said after Tuesday’s meeting. “It’s a very creative concept that they’re proposing.”

The project still has to go before the Community Appearance Board. If plans are finalized, construction is expected to begin next fall.