Myrtle Beach police partner with crematories to destroy drugs

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Myrtle Beach Police Department says the drug drop box in the department lobby is filled so frequently, officers are now turning to crematories to destroy the drugs.

When you think of a funeral home, you probably don’t think of police and getting rid of drugs, but thanks to drug drop boxes, Captain Joey Crosby says the department had to recruit help to dispose of the drugs.

In the last three months, one drop box has collected over 120 pounds of pills. Normally, Myrtle Beach Police officers would drive the drugs to Columbia to be destroyed, but because people are utilizing the drop boxes so frequently, a more efficient disposal process was created.

“We developed a partnership with a local funeral home that allows us to take the drugs and burn them at the funeral home,” explains Capt. Crosby.

It’s a process that Capt. Crosby says saves the department time and money.

“This saves us time and resources from having to drive to SLED and spend six hours at SLED to dispose of the drugs. That’s why that partnership has been so vital to us to dispose of the drugs properly so they don’t get in someone else’s hands,” confirms Capt. Crosby.

It’s an option several departments are turning to now that the boxes are all over the state and bringing in hundreds of pounds of drugs per month.

“The officer stays during the entire process to make sure they’re disposed of so that way we don’t have someone getting the drugs that’s not supposed to,” clarifies the police captain.

The Horry County Police Department also reports their drug drop off boxes have also had major success.

Lt. Tom Delpercio says since January 1, the department has brought in about 550 pounds of pills. Delpercio says they incinerate the drugs in-house.

Capt. Crosby says the drop boxes have been successful county-wide, and law enforcement hopes to see the impacts in the coming years.

“When we look at the opioid crisis that we’re in right now, it started with those who are taking pills and it leads to heroin addictions. So, by taking the time to take those extra pills that you have, coming to the drug drop and getting rid of those in the proper manner, you could potentially be saving someone from becoming addicted to heroin,” he predicts.

If you’d like to drop off old prescription medications, you can do so at any of these locations:

Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office

  • 430 North Fraser St, Georgetown, SC 29440
  • (843) 546-5102

Conway City Police Department

  • 1600 Ninth Ave Conway SC, 29526
  • (843) 248-1790

Horry County Police Department Central Precinct

  • 2560 north Main Street Conway SC, 29526
  • (843) 915-5350

Horry County Police Department North Precinct

  • 109 North Hwy 57 Little River SC, 29566
  • (843) 915-5685

Horry County Police Department South Precinct

  • 9630 Scipio Lane Myrtle Beach SC 29588
  • (843) 915-7953

Horry County Police Department West Precinct

  • 5527 Hwy 9 Green Sea SC 29545
  • (843) 915-5351

Myrtle Beach City Police Department

  • 1101 North Oak Street Myrtle Beach SC 29577
  • (843) 918-1300

North Myrtle Beach City Police Department

  • 1015 Second Ave South North Myrtle Beach SC 29582
  • (843) 280-5511