Great-Granddad of 16-month-old Robeson County girl speaks out

ROBESON COUNTY, NC (WBTW) – One person faces charges in the death of a 16-month-old Robeson County girl.

Sheriff Ken Sealey said Kinsley Oxendine Scott died Saturday, one day after the badly-bruised child was brought to the hospital. Family members of the child say the baby’s last name, Oxendine, was chosen because that is her mother’s last name.

Christian Clark (source: Robeson County Detention Center)

Christian Clark faces charges of first-degree murder and felony intentional child abuse. He’s 23, from Shannon, and is in jail being held without bond. A press release from the sheriff’s office did not say how Clark is connected to the child. Sheriff Sealey said an autopsy found the child died from blunt force trauma.

James Hunt, the great-grandfather of the toddler, spoke with News13’s Kiahnna Patterson on Monday. He explained that just three months ago his daughter, Dorann Hunt, was given guardianship of the 16-month-old baby girl. James Hunt said the toddler was placed in Dorann’s care because of “living conditions” the child was in prior to Dorann taking the child in.

Hunt said he had slept five hours in the last three days. He can’t stop wondering what happened to Kinsley Oxendine.

“She looked like a little baby doll when she was sleeping…now she’s gone,” said Hunt. “I can’t figure out why she’s gone. I can’t figure out why somebody could do something to a small baby like this.”

Hunt says Kinsley’s mom never married. He called Kinsley ‘Baby K’ because she was the youngest of his three great grandkids.

“She was a little angel,” said Hunt. “You just don’t know what you did to a family to do something like this. It’s very heartbreaking and it’s something that you just don’t, I don’t know if I’ll ever get over this.”

Hunt said Kinsley spent the weekend with other family members, and now the Department of Social Services is examining her two sisters following the weekend tragedy.

“That was the last time I saw ‘Baby K’ was Thursday before she left. I haven’t seen her anymore,” said Hunt.

Hunt said he can’t leave his porch until he finds the answers.

“If I look and search long enough, with the help of God, I will get it. It will come to me. I’ll get the answers. When I get the answers, it might ease me off but it won’t take this crack out of my heart. I’ll always have that,” Hunt said with tears in his eyes.

The family says GoFundMe pages have not been set up by the family. If people want to donate, only donate to the Locklear and Son Funeral Home.