Family of shooting victim searches for answers one year later

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – It’s been almost one year since Charles Willis was shot and killed near Conway and his family is still searching for answers in connection to his homicide.

According to Horry County police, Willis died from multiple gunshot wounds he suffered inside a home next to Gerald’s Convenience store on U.S. 701, on December 102016. He was 36 years old. “This last year has been hell. It’s just a lot of pain, and a lot of hurt, not knowing if he suffered, if he was calling on us,” said his mother, Cecilia Glover.

She said she calls the detective in charge of her son’s case twice a month. According to Glover, Horry County police have not made any arrests in her son’s case and are not currently looking at any suspects. “That was my baby. I miss his smile. You rarely see his teeth, but when he smiled that’s his way of saying I love you,” she said.

Charles, also known as Kash, left behind four young children. Glover said two of his children found their father’s body on the floor on December 10th. “They’re still going through therapy,” Glover said of the children. “That’s going to affect them for the rest of their lives. This Thanksgiving was the first Glover has ever spent without her son. She said her pies were his favorite part of the holiday. “I usually make him his own pie, for each one of the kids. All I did was honor one of his brothers with his pie. That was just special to them.”

Willis’s nephew, Tyquarious Jones, said there’s one question his uncle always asked him. “’How’s school going?’” I said, ‘Well it’s going good.’ He said, ‘Well keep it going because I don’t want you on these streets.'” Jones still can’t believe he’ll never hear his uncle say those words again. “People come to me every day saying how they knew Cash and how good of a soul Cash. But the hard thing is, I’m getting used to the fact that he truly is gone,” he said.

Both are begging anyone who knows anything about Kash’s death to help them find answers. “My hope is to find closure in 2018,” Glover said. “Please just somebody come forward and say something. I don’t want his case to become a cold case.”

News13 did reach out to Horry County Police for an update on Willis’s case on Sunday and did not receive a response.