Surfsidian Facebook Page helps teen with cerebral palsy see the ocean for Christmas

North Carolina 13-year-old Slade Sisk was granted the Christmas wish of a lifetime when he was able to wake up in a Surfside Beach hotel on Friday morning and see the ocean for the very first time.

Sisk suffers from severe quad cerebral palsy and epilepsy, experiencing random seizures on a daily basis. Slade told his mother that this year for Christmas he wishes for nothing more than to be able to see the ocean. It was then family friend, Diana Taylor, posted on the ‘Surfsidian’ page, and the community extended a hand.

“I just asked for general information about wheelchair accessibility, not even asking for help but little did I know, fireworks were about to explode.” Taylor said.

Within hours, all kinds of ‘Surfsidian’ businesses, community members, and even first responders chimed in on the post wondering how they could get involved. Surfside Beach pharmacy owner Daniel Bundrick hosted Slade’s welcome event on Thursday where the teen was presented with gifts, and even a special poem.

“We take so much for granted because we live here, but just a simple wish to see the ocean, it touches us to be able to give this to a child, a stranger.” Bundrick said.

Slade’s mom, Kimberly Sisk, said she and her son have their own way of communicating, and that he told her it was the best day of his life, and that he loved meeting all of his new beach friends. The family plans to go to Pirate’s Voyage, and visit several other local attractions.

“Slade was sitting in my lap typing and talking and he said ‘pinch me Mom’ and I told him ‘you’re going to have to pinch me too’ we just couldn’t believe it.” Sisk said.