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Records link Horry County school board chairman to ‘edits’ of school construction documents

More than an hour into an interview about Horry County’s over-budget construction of five new schools, News13 asked school board chairman Jo…

Glass walls, open space features of new Horry County schools

While students enjoy summer break, Horry County Schools will race to get three schools built and equipped for the 2017 fall semester.

Attendees tell different stories of ‘first’ meeting with Horry County school builder

Horry County School Board Chairman Joe Defeo gave First Floor Energy Positive an introduction to the public unlike any the public or school …

Horry County Schools staffer questioned contract for new schools, emails show

Less than 14 hours after Horry County’s school board approved $220 million worth of contracts for five new schools in 2015, the builder, Fir…

Consultant questions school board chairman’s role in building of Horry County schools

Horry County Schools paid a consultant $40,000 for advice it ultimately ignored while choosing a contractor to build five new schools.

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