Dangerous Heat Continues to Build

We’re into the first week of July and the heat is continuing to build. Add that heat to the humidity and things can get dangerous, especially if you’re spending extended amounts of time outdoors.


The front that hung around our area all last week is finally pushing up to the north. It will take a lot, but not all, of the storm chances along with it while letting the heat and humidity rise. You’re 4th of July forecast is going to be hot and we’re just getting hotter throughout the week.


Temperatures will climb to the low to mid 90s today but the heat index will climb even higher. It will feel more like 101-105.


A Heat Advisory will be in effect today from Noon to 7pm for a Heat Index of 105+. Expect this Heat Advisory to continue every afternoon this week as things get even hotter.


Here are a few tips to try to stay safe during these hot & muggy afternoons.

  1. If working outside, stay hydrated and take breaks in the shade, as often as possible.
  2. Be sure to check on the elderly, sick and those without A/C
  3. Never leave kids or pets unattended – LOOK before you LOCK
  4. Limit strenuous outdoor activity, find shade and stay hydrated



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