Late July heat wave building, dangerous temperatures on the way

Dangerous heat is building across the area as high pressure strengthens. A dome of high pressure has developed to our north and will continue to strengthen over the next few days.

Capture (1)

This will help keep the area mainly dry for much of the week while allowing the heat and humidity to build Rain chances will stay fairly low for much of the week, but with the increasing heat and humidity we can’t rule out an isolated shower/storm, especially by mid week.

Capture3 (1)

There’s a slight chance we could see a storm or two developing thanks to the sea breeze today, but these storms will be isolated and mainly stick to the coastal counties.

Capture2 (1)

We’ll start the week with a Heat Advisory for Scotland county but as the heat builds we can expect more (if not all our viewing area) to get included in the Heat Advisory as early as Tuesday. Temperatures will continue to climb into mid week, pushing the heat index up above 105.

Capture1 (1)

The high pressure will start to break down towards the end of the week as a front approaches, giving us a little relief from the 105+ heat index as rain chances increase for the second half of the weekend.


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