Weather in Rio de Janiero

The Olympics are ongoing and have been very good to the Americans so far! With so many outdoor events (and tourist activities), Olympians and tourists will both be watching the forecast very carefully over the next 10 days or so.

It’s no secret we’re hot and humid here in the eastern Carolinas. It is, after all, the middle of summer! But the weather is quite different in Rio de Janeiro, and maybe not for the reason you think. Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere, so right now they are in the middle of winter, just as we are in the middle of summer.

However, it’s really not cold in Rio right now! In fact, the average high temperature in Rio during August is about 78° F, and the average low is around 66° F. Rio is a tropical location so it’s not nearly as affected by seasonality as other places in the Southern Hemisphere are, just as tropical locations in the Northern Hemisphere aren’t affected by it as much either. What really makes a difference in Rio’s weather is the geographic location and monsoon season.

Rio is a very large city with several geographical factors–plains, hills, mountains, and of course the ocean all play a part in the different weather there. The climate classification for Rio is tropical savannah (Aw), bordering on tropical monsoon (Am), with heavy rains during the monsoon season of December to March (summer and autumn). Cold fronts coming in from Antarctica in the fall and winter bring rapid weather changes, but most of the winter and spring seasons are fairly dry and mild.

August is also one of the driest months climatologically in Rio. The average number of rainy days in August is only 5! However, there were event delays on Sunday due to rain and wind, and light rain and increasing wind may again be a problem today. Skies will remain relatively clear over the next few days, but wind may still be a problem for some events, and temperature and humidity will be on the rise through the weekend.

Enjoy the Olympics, and go team USA!

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