Possible Storm Forming in the Tropics

Wednesday October, 19, 9:00am

Not much has changed with the low sitting near the Bahamas, still something to watch though. Winds are back up to 35 mph this morning and it’s now moving to the North at 7 mph.


It should continue to turn throughout the rest of today and Thursday as it moves into a favorable environment for intensification.


It could potentially become a tropical/subtropical storm within the next few days as it moves towards the U.S. mainland.


The good news is that the timing is also the same as previous model runs and that will put it in the path of an advancing cold front. The cold front will move off shore Friday evening and by Saturday morning could merge with the system, steering it away from us and up the coast to the NNE.

We’ll continue to watch this developing system and update you on any changes to its forecasted path.


Tuesday October, 18, 9:00am

We’re watching an area of¬†low pressure near the Bahamas for the potential development into¬†a tropical storm.


Winds are currently at 35 mph as it moves to the ENE at 10 mph. The low is expected to slowly intensify as upper-level winds become more conducive, and a tropical storm could form during the next couple of days.


The low should move more northward on Wednesday before turning to the northwest on Thursday.


If the low continue on its path towards the U.S. mainland it could interact with a strong cold front that will be moving further off shore on Saturday morning. This cold front could cause a more north-northeast turn in the storm, sending it up the coast, possibly preventing it from making landfall.

We’ll continue to watch this low closely over the next few days and update you on its potential.

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