Much Need Rain for the Drought-Stricken West

Portions of the up-state South Carolina, Georgia, the mountains of Western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee have been without significant rainfall for close to three months. This lack of rainfall has put that entire area in extreme/exceptional drought.


Numerous wildfires have been burning in all four states with a new fire in Gatlinburg, TN forcing evacuations.


A cold front has pushed into the area and has stalled, bringing some much needed rain. The front will hang out for the next 2 days before finally picking up and moving to the east. late Wednesday evening. The stalled front will bring a little help to the drought-stricken are but much more is needed.


Some of the areas could see 2″ to 3″ before drying back out on Thursday. For places like Asheville, NC, that is just a small dent in the 12.11″ deficit but it will help extinguish some of the multiple wildfire burning throughout the area.

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