Dangerous Wind Chills Tonight

5 PM Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dangerous cold and wind chills continue tonight! After many started in the teens this morning and barely cracked freezing this afternoon, it will be another frigid night. Lows will dip into the upper teens again in the Pee Dee and border belt. The beaches will drop to the low 20’s again, with the potential to tie or break a record at North Myrtle Beach! The record is 21° set in 1951. We will make a run at that, but the record in Florence should be safe! The record low there is 12° set in 1970 and we won’t be nearly that cold tonight. Still, with a 5-10 mph wind it will be another night with wind chills running colder than thermometers read. Wind chills will bottom out near single digits for some, but for most the low teens. Bundle up tonight and especially tomorrow morning for the bus stop!

Black ice and slippery patches on bridges and overpasses continues to be a concern, especially in the border belt where some locations didn’t even hit freezing today. Drive with caution tonight and tomorrow! With warmer weather expected tomorrow and a big warmup Tuesday, there should not be a threat of any more slippery patches after tomorrow.

Make sure to cover any exposed pipes, if possible. Leave your faucets dripping overnight if you think the pipes freezing might be an issue. Also think of your pets and other animals! They need to have a safe place that is warm enough for them to stay in this cold weather.

9 PM Saturday, January 7, 2017

The combination of gusty northwest winds and very cold air coming in from behind today’s storm system will make for dangerous wind chills tonight. Many readings are already in the teens and low 20’s as of 9 PM, and with a lot more cooling overnight they will drop even further.




Wind chill values overnight may approach single digits in some places, especially in the border belt. Actual temperatures will range from around 17 in Lumberton to 19 in Florence and low 20’s at the beaches. This is the coldest we’ve been in about a year! The last time Florence dropped into the teens was January 19, 2016. The last time the beaches dropped to 22 was January 20, 2016. This is not record breaking cold, but will be within a few degrees of records. Tonight with the wind continuing to be strong the wind chill is what will really matter if you go outdoors! temp3

Additionally, since temperatures were below freezing for most of the day today, will be very cold tonight, and with tomorrow’s highs only expected to be in the mid-30’s, there may be some slippery bridges and overpasses throughout the Pee Dee and border belt. Travel is not advised if you don’t have to be on the roads, and it may be better just to stay inside. Wind chill will still be a problem tomorrow too. It will be feeling like the mid-20’s for most of the afternoon even with full sunshine so make sure you are bundled up at all times over the next few days. This cold air is no joke! Tomorrow night/into early Monday will be even colder than tonight for a lot of places with the Pee Dee bottoming out in the middle teens and the beaches near 20.

Protect any exposed pipes around your home and make sure pets and other animals have a safe, warm place to stay through Monday. Pets and other animals feel the wind chill just like people do, and even with fur coats it is not good for most animals to be outside in this kind of cold without adequate shelter.

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