Winter is coming

Update – 6pm Saturday, March 10 –

A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for parts of the area from 4 AM to 2 PM tomorrow, ahead of this storm system. Still, there are no major changes in thinking about tomorrow’s storm system in terms of precipitation type or amount. A rain/snow mix is likely for most of the area, from the border belt down to parts of Horry County. The Winter Weather Advisory is for the accumulation of up to 1″ of snow on grassy and elevated, mostly metal surfaces. There will be little to no accumulation of any snow on roadways thanks to warm soil temperatures of 55°+. While roadways won’t be a problem, bridges and overpasses may become slippery at times. Any accumulated snow will not last long thanks to a higher sun angle and increasingly warming temperatures.

Temperatures tomorrow will warm well into the 40’s and the rain/snow mix will change over to all rain by around noon. As the storm system moves away, rain will come to an end from west to east in the afternoon.

Update – 5pm Friday, March 10 –

We are still on track for a much colder weekend, and the potential for wintry weather Sunday morning. It does look like more of us will see the potential for some snow in the morning, but most places will see no accumulation. Any accumulation will be light. While it will be cold, the air temperature will be above freezing. Ground temperatures are very warm, thanks to the warm weather we have seen for the past 6 weeks. Also, the sun angle in March is higher than December or January, and the sun is much stronger when it comes to melting snow.

Bottom line, there will be snow falling from the sky, but it will not stick to the ground. By Noon on Sunday it will be warm enough so any snow will change over to rain. The rain will come to an end in the afternoon.


8pm Thursday, March 9 –

After the 6th warmest winter on record in Florence (the warmest since 1974/75), and the second warmest February on record, many have gotten used to the warm weather, and assumed that Spring is here for good. For the warm weather lovers, I have some bad news… Winter is coming back… This weekend.

A strong cold front will move through late in the day on Friday. It will be too late to spoil one last warm day, and some spots will see 80 degrees. Cooler weather will start to move in Friday night, and it will be much cooler by Saturday. High temperatures will go from the 70s to near 80 on Friday, to the mid 50s on Saturday. Brrr….

But what may really signal a return to winter will be the storm system that is headed our way for Sunday. It will move in early Sunday morning, and will move away in the afternoon. Temperatures will be in the 30s when this storm arrives, and that will be cold enough for snow in some areas!

For most of us, this will be a cold rain. Areas north of Dillon will see a mix of rain and snow, and at times it will be all snow. I am not expecting much as far as accumulation. Thanks to our very warm weather recently, the ground temperature is very warm, and much of the snow will melt as it hits the ground. Also, while temperatures will be close to freezing, they will likely stay above freezing. Finally, the sun angle in March is much greater than December or January, so once the sun comes up in the morning energy from the sun will be stronger and better able to melt snow and warm the ground and air. There is a small chance for some light accumulation on grassy surfaces if there is a heavier burst of snow, but as soon as the snow gets lighter, it will quickly melt.

The storm will start first thing in the morning, with rain developing in the Pee Dee, and some snow starting in North Carolina.

By 9am rain will continue, mixing at times with snow north of Dillon, There will be a better chance for snow to the north, and parts of Scotland and Robeson Counties will see periods of snow. This will continue through Noon.

After noon, temperatures will rise into the 40s, and the snow and rain/snow mix will chance to all rain. Any light accumulation will quickly melt. The storm system will move away in the afternoon, and rain will come to an end after 2pm.

The cold weather will continue through next week with high temperatures in the 40s and 50s, and night time lows in the 20s and 30s. Frost and freezing temperatures will be possible most nights next week.

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