Tropical Notebook

For the second year in a row there is potential for a pre-season tropical storm in the Atlantic. While March is a little early to be thinking about tropical weather, it still does not beat last year. Hurricane Alex formed in the Atlantic on January 12 in 2016.

This year there is a storm system that is being watched to the east of the Bahamas

This storm system is currently over 75 degree water, which is warm enough to develop a subtropical storm, but there is currently no thunderstorm activity near the center of the storm. High wind shear has been preventing any thunderstorms from forming near the center. The storm system is moving toward cooler water, so any tropical development is unlikely.

The forecast for this storm system takes it to the northeast, and away from the United States. This storm is no threat to the Carolinas, and will likely pass to the south of Bermuda.

In other tropical news, hurricanes Matthew and Otto had their names retired by the World Meteorological Organization. They are the 81st and 82nd names to be retired from the Atlantic tropical storm list, and are being replaced with Martin and Owen. The 2016 name list will not be used again until 2022.

While Hurricane Matthew did significant damage in the Carolinas, most of the lives lost were in the Caribbean. 585 people lost their lives in Matthew, with over 500 of the deaths in Haiti. Hurricane Matthew was the deadliest Atlantic Hurricane since 2005. Hurricane Otto killed 18 people in Central America when it hit Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

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