Weather Alert Day – Wednesday PM – Thursday AM

Wednesday, April 5, 8am

A warm front will move through around mid day today. This front will bring back the humidity, and the chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon. Our main threat for severe storms will be strong, damaging straight line winds.

We could see winds 40 to 50 mph and there is potential for large hail, a moderate risk for tornadoes, lightning, and flash flooding. Storms will develop mid-afternoon, and as we move into the evening, the stronger storms approach. The Pee Dee will begin to see the storms with potentially damaging winds around 5 p.m., with the storms approaching the coast closer to 8 p.m.

The last round of storms will move into the Pee Dee around 3 a.m. This system will bring straight line winds. The super cell thunderstorms that break off from the main line have the potential for the most damage. The storms will hit the coast very early Thursday morning, pushing off the coast around 8 a.m.

Tuesday, April 4, 5pm – 

Tomorrow looks to be a more significant severe weather event than yesterday. There will be the potential for widespread severe weather, including tornadoes. The best chance for tornadoes will be west of I-95, but even east of I-95, the chance is higher than yesterday.

We could possibly see three rounds of storms tomorrow. The first one will be around noon (10am-1pm) with a warm front moving northward. These storms will be possible as the humidity returns, and there is a chance for severe weather, if these storms develop. However, this early round of storms has the least potential of the three.

The second round of storms will develop as it warms up in the late afternoon/evening (5pm-9pm). If these storms develop, there will be a good chance for damaging wind, hail & tornadoes. Development of these storms depends on what happens with the earlier round. If there is a lot of rain in the early afternoon, it will keep temperatures lower, and the late afternoon storms will not be as bad. If the early afternoon storms do not form, and it stays sunny and warm, the chance for severe weather will be greater.

Finally, a strong cold front will move through during the early morning hours (3am-6am). This front will bring another round of potentially severe storms. If there is a squall line along the front, the main threat will be damaging straight line winds. If storms develop ahead of the main line of storms, tornadoes will be possible, even during the overnight hours.

Monday, April 3, 9pm – 

Another round of thunderstorms will be capable of producing severe weather late Wednesday and Wednesday night.

A weak cold front will move through the Carolinas Tuesday, bringing in some drier air. The front will return on Wednesday as a warm front, bringing back the humidity. A strong cold front will move through Wednesday night. Thunderstorms are possible with both the warm front Wednesday afternoon, and with the cold front Wednesday night. Right now, this looks similar to the situation that we saw on Monday, where thunderstorms will be stronger to our west, and weaken as they approach the eastern Carolinas. There is the chance that some of the storms will be severe as they move into our area. The cold front that will move through Wednesday night will bring a significant cool down for the end of the week.

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