Why the Roller Coaster Ride of Temperatures??

Just as expected, temperatures are on the roller coaster ride of Autumn. While average highs over the next 6 weeks will continue to decrease, actual temperatures will continue to fluctuate every few days. This is thanks to the timing and strength of the cold fronts starting to move in.

During the summer months, cold air is bottled up near the north pole and the jet stream keeps it there. During the Fall, the jet stream loosens up and we start to see larger “dips.” When we see a dip, it allows the cooler air bottled up in the north to travel south. After a dip in the jet stream moves over the Carolinas, it will typically retreat after a couple of days and temperatures will warm back up. That is, until the next dip, or trough, develops. This time of year, the dips and retreats of the jet stream happen more frequently allowing our temperatures to cool down and warm up every few days depending on the timing in between each dip; hence the roller coaster ride of temperatures!

This week is no different with a cool couple of days underway before warming up this weekend. Another cool down is forecast Monday and Tuesday as yet another trough moves in.

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